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You are fired!

firedSo this morning I had an interesting start to the day. When the alarm goes off I usually use my mobile’s various apps and email accounts to keep my eyes that little bit open which helps me not to fall asleep again. I firstly checked my work related emails. I do have a part time admin job which is incredibly time consuming, it being part time one would assume it should only be a limited amount of time that I spend on this job but sadly the reality is much less perfect. In reality I do spend double  the time on the job than getting paid for, which is my fault entirely. Yet, I did find the email which my boss kindly wrote to me late last night, ensuring it’s the first email I read in the morning, to be titled “contract” a bit worrying. Dread immediately overcame me. I speed read through the email where I was told that I am sacked. Not immediately or ungraciously discharged, but sacked nevertheless. The fact he didn’t mention was that I have worked overtime for a full month, a total calculated move by my boss, and now that my work is more or less done on this topic, he gives me the boot. I am furious to say the least. Whilst this wasn’t by keep-clam-firedany means a job that is a career, it was a paycheck. A small one but life says to be grateful for even the little things. I was actually always quite thankful for the job, it being part time allowed me to have a better life – work balance but still counting to the workforce and having responsibilities outside of being a mother and wife. So I do feel quite gutted. Whilst I was angry initially, I am slowly shifting towards being stunned at the fact how so many people are being plainly calculating, manipulative and just looking out for themselves. If I had one ounce of slackness within me which would justify such a move being taken against me, I would be honest to acknowledge this but I feel blindly taken advantage of.

Currently there is nothing uplifting that I can add, so I will call it a day and wait til evening to drown this sorrow in a big glass of wine.

Any (kind) comments highly appreciated.


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