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Kindle Paperwhite – review

Although I have talked about this before, I was strangely obsessed with getting a Kindle. Well, actually a second Kindle, since I was the dissatisfied owner of one of the first generation versions. Awful, to say the least. I don’t agree with any reviews that found it

The “home” for my Kindle on my nightstand.

even slightly acceptable. That being said, most people did refer to it as Amazon’s “prototype” which the company has greatly enhanced since. The Kindle I was interested in was the Paperwhite. I kind of even like the name of it, “Paperwhite”, like “bloodred” or “skyblue”. As I said, having had a really bad opinion and most of all feeling about the Kindle I already owned, it took me years to even consider approaching this subject again. What did it for me was the last visit at my parents’ house. Although a lovely visit, as always, it strangely lacks privacy, especially in the evenings. I am sharing a guest room with my 3 year old daughter and once I have put her to bed, the room becomes in fact kind of inaccessible, well inaccessible for reading with a lamp anyway. It’s obviously not an option to go in and turn the light on to read at night when your toddler is sleeping 2 feet from you. But I love reading before going to bed, so the visits at my parents’ house have morphed into something of a no-reading-zone. Which is a total downer, because I am essentially “on holiday” and how I can enjoy this time without being able to read?

Just one of the reasons to get a Kindle20170130_094125

At my last visit I did come prepared though, I purchased one of those attachable torches that you can hook onto the cover of the book, which should facilitate reading in the dark. Now let me tell you, it’s a challenging and tiresome activity to keep the “torch”, which is a teeny tiny flash of light, in a position that is acceptable for shedding light onto your pages. No doubt, there is no way that you get the same kind of light onto the whole page as you would expect, or indeed require, so you go in and out of reading on some sort of badly lit paper. Turning a page or moving to the opposite page does require shifting of the torch to some extent, so overall, I got more involved by moving the bloody light than in the actual story I am trying to read. I was glad I did have the torch thingy but each and every night I had the same thought over and over, why didn’t I have a Kindle which would solve this problem altogether? Also, I sometimes have these phases where one book might not be sufficient for my trip. Last time, I got seriously close to finishing the book I was reading, a day before I was supposed to leave, so of course this means I have to take this current book plus another one, because it’s inevitable that I will need to have more than 80 pages to read. Again, with a Kindle it would have been no problem at all.


Which version to get?


Now, to the actual Kindle. To please the crowd, there is obviously more than one version. As you can see from my own explanation above, I am the person who needs the Kindle Paperwhite, as I do require to read at night time without disturbing people around me. There is also a cheaper version which is not backlit, so you understandably won’t be able to use this for any kind of night reading. A no-go for me, hence the added price tag for the enhanced lit up version.

I was so nervous when I placed the order for the Kindle, dreading that I will hate it and feeling stupid about my decision making skills, but it seemed only reasonable to invest into a gadget that will essentially make my life more comfortable. My previous reservations of preferring an actual book to electronic pages, was also strongly on my mind, this used to be the point of disgrace for my initial Kindle in the first place. But to be honest, curiosity and sheer laziness with a splash of risk taking made me hit the “purchase now” button before I could talk myself out of it again. And I am so glad I did.


My opinion

Truth be told, in my mind I fully allowed the Paperwhite some time to impress me, but I didn’t have to worry about that. The fact that the page is actually lit, means that it’s a total different reading experience than I had with the first generation version. It’s also much smaller than I expected, reasonable in weight and very easy to use. You can adjust all kinds of settings to suit your personal preferences such as fonts, font size, backlight strength, page information etc. There is a bunch of things you can play around with to make it fully your own, or if that’s not your thing, you can just leave it as is and you will likewise have a very enjoyable reading experience.

For years, I did put up a fight about getting a Kindle but the Paperwhite did impress me enormously and whilst I will still read paperbacks here and there, the Kindle has quickly risen to my number 1 gadget which I would recommend strongly to anybody who is still in doubt.



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