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Hair and body products – latest finds

Yesterday, I watched a haul on cosmetics and general drug store items. And I came across quite a few things which I have never even seen in the same store…. how odd is that?

Heat Protection Spray

10727995-1360768245-236155Firstly, there was a recommendation on a great heat spray. I must admit, I totally bought into the natural cosmetics brands which are out there but the heat spray which they so trustfully advise you on definitely lacked in performance….at least on my hair. Whilst it smelled great, my hair got fried. And I mean in a bad way. I even had to stop blow drying my hair completely to give my hair some time to recover. So I was quite interested to get a recommendation on a heat spray which actually works. These bottles are not cheap, and since I bought many the wrong ones in the past, I now truly rely on tried and tested reviews. So I bought the Elnett Heat Protection Spay (Straight, 3 days). I actually didn’t read that this was a spray which helps keeps your hair straight, but all the better. It works wonderfully. When applying it, my hair immediately felt like satin. It was manageable during a low heat blow dry and felt nourished and soft afterwards. Not that frizzy fly away and dry feeling which my hair usually was left with after drying. Even the next day, it’s still very smooth. So I am definitely putting my faith in this spray and am so grateful to have found one that actually does a great job.


Shower mousse

Whilst I’m conscious that the next brand is not readily available in all countries, I still have to mention it and you are sure to find a similar brand/product where you live.

71DNr-4O5iL._SL1500_I haven’t ever tried a shower mousse. When I take a bath, or a shower, I usually use body wash or sometimes even just soap. I did find however, that the soap dries my skin out in a bad way, so I am staying clear of it at the moment. This doesn’t go for luxury soap, like Roger Gallet, just general soap.

So anyway, I always thought that this shower mousse or shower foam, however it’s called, business is really just another way of advertisement and body wash is body wash so why bother with another product? I did find a recommendation though of a particular mousse that intrigued me. The company is called Kneipp, broadly available where I live, and I thought I will give it a go. Kneipp is a German company and they have the most luxurious bath items. The companies philosophy goes way back and is all about body/mind/fitness. Herbalism is a great part of it so you will find a lot of nature’s best healing herbs in their products.

Now on to the actually product. I bought the Kneipp white hibiscus and sheabutter shower mousse as my recommendation was for this particular one. Since the products are airtight sealed you are not really smelling much when you open the bottle, so I just sticked with my initial advice. I have to admit that using a shower mousse is a total different cleansing feel than with normal body wash or soap. I felt my skin got really hydrated and was lovely smooth. In fact, my skin felt so fresh that I totally forgot to put on moisturiser afterwards, which I always do, always. When I realised it, I checked my skin for dryness but it wasn’t, so I actually can get away with not moisturizing after using this shower mousse. This is a definite plus for me as sometimes I am really stripped for time and one step less in any beauty regime is very welcome in my eyes.

If you haven’t tried a shower mousse yet, please give it a go….you won’t be disappointed.






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