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Pink beauty – new bag

I have never met a woman who actually “needs” a new bag. The general rule is that every woman has far too many handbags as it is but is in complete denial about this truth. So instead of “needing” a new handbag, I am honest and tell you that I “wanted” one. 20160719_084158And of course I got one….not just any, a bag that is actually teaching me something. I saw this bright pink beauty at Accessorize and when I realised it is half price it was a no brainer not to buy it. In fact, if you can get anything half price it’d be dumb not to go for it. As you can see from the picture, it’s a fairly smallish cross body bag which funnily enough is the biggest appeal for me right now. As a mom, anything cross-body is a gift, it stays in place and is easier to carry.

Now I was saying that the bag is teaching me something, which seeing by its size is to obviously pack lightly. I can only fit essentials like money, credit card, tissues, antibacterial wipes, keys and a lip balm or travel size sun lotion. That’s it. Carrying a wallet is not an option, as the wallet itself fills out the whole bag, at least mine does. I do find though, that by not taking the whole wallet in the first place I tend to spend less as I only grab small notes as a safety net in case there is an urgent purchase I have to make.

Even if it sounds lunatic, I feel light and strangely uplifted when leaving the house with this bag as it’s not dragging me down like my other bags which are filled to the rim with all kinds of stuff that 90% of the time I don’t even need but just ludicrously carry around.

So, although I didn’t “need” the bag, how can I not?




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