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Book review – Before I go to sleep

This debut novel is certainly much raved about and I have to agree with all the others who think that the story was excellent. Written in first person by its main character Christine, it takes us on her journey suffering from amnesia. bislecoverChristine wakes up every day not knowing who she is and therefore greatly depends on the people around her. In an attempt to grasp a footing in reality and remain there she is taking steps in keeping a journal that will help her to remember her story. But of course the story in itself is twisted and full of mysteries. It definitely kept me guessing and doubting characters who came into the picture. I knew before reading the book that there is a big turn towards the end of the book and I must admit I didn’t see it coming. It’s a great book, definitely worth reading and will keep you in its grip. You feel for Claire and can almost sense her desperation in her quest of finding out what happened to her to leave her with no memory.

Admittedly there are reviews which fault the book on the repetitive nature of following the main characters daily routine. Given that she suffers from amnesia some parts are repeated but I have to say that the author did it in a quick way. Personally I didn’t feel bored as every day in her life brings out new developments, so it’s not quite fair to say that you read the same text over and over.

As should be, with every great book comes a movie adaption. Usually not as good as the book. I can’t comment on that as I have not watched the movie yet but I am hopeful as the cast, with Nicole Kidman representing the leading lady, should not disappoint.



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