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Books vs Kindle

20160701_125445Now I know this is the subject where a lot of people split like wildfire into either tec friendly going with the century e-readers to those ones who rather hold an actual book and turn the page all by themselves. I must admit I do struggle a bit with e-book readers. Nevertheless, I jumped on the bandwagon to try out the Kindle when it originally came out. The original Kindle, or first generation I believe it is now referred to, is a bit bulky and I know that Amazon have done a great deal of research and improvements to their e-reader which is why the Kindle can now be purchased in more updated styles and functions.20160701_125427

Since I couldn’t quite get on with the first generation Kindle, I am still stuck on my old model to this day. I used to have the Kindle in a case which made it even bulkier and heavier so in an attempt to make it appeal to me more I searched for different types of cases, which is when I stumbled across the Kindle skins. I love the fact, that you can customise your gadgets and who of us hasn’t gotten a mobile cover? Anyone? If yes, then I throw out a guess assumption that you probably don’t have children (yet), they’ll teach you to keep your phone sticky free. If you do have children and they leave your phone alone, then please contact me.

20160701_125418Anyway, the skin is a great idea to brighten or darken (in my case) your Kindle but I still struggle with the fact that I can’t turn the page. And I think I struggle the most with the fact that you never see the cover. I have the inclination that this was improved on later versions of the kindle but it’s not a feature on my Kindle.

There are definitely a lot of advantages to the Kindle though, so on we go. …  

I do have to admit though that the page on the kindle is very true to the actual page when holding a book. I find almost no difference here. The storage of the Kindle is excellent and its battery power lasts for ages. It is true that you don’t have to charge the Kindle for weeks on end. The most obvious plus and biggest sellin20160701_125525g point for me is that the Kindle is so portable. When I go on holiday I always take the Kindle with me as I have lots of books downloaded, so it doesn’t matter if a title doesn’t appeal at the moment, I just choose another one. It fits nicely in your handbag and when travelling to and from work this is a really important factor. Gone are the days when you have to cram a 500 plus page book into your handbag on top of all your other “essentials” weighing you down.

I am slightly miffed about the cost of Kindle books though. Initially it was portrayed, that the Kindle books would be much cheaper than paperback or hardback… but I do find that the e-books are still pricey, considering there is no cost going to paper or postage.

BUT then again, Amazon does offer free Kindle books and I must say that is really quite enticing and I have very often downloaded books for free. So it kind of makes up for this.

What type of reading do you prefer? Actual book or e-reader? Any tips on how to get acquainted with the e-readers?

Would love to read your comments.


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