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What’s in my Amazon basket…..

I love books, love ‘em… and I love Amazon even more because it gets me a right cheap deal when hunting down some precious reading material.

Firstly I must admit, that I am not too ashamed to tell you that I mostly go for second hand books. I don’t need my books to be crisp and pristine….I actually prefer them, shall we say, lovingly handled. Sounds odd, but anyway. When it comes to books I find it hard to shell out the actual price and I rarely go to the bookstore nowadays. I think this stems from me buying a great number of books which turned out to be not quite to my liking or utter rubbish. So I always felt really bad paying full price for something that I ended up donating to my local charity shop a short while later anyway.

So Amazon is the way to go. It offers me options. If it’s a book  that I have thoroughly researched before buying and I am certain that I will treasure it, I will definitely buy it new, preferably in hardback, so it will last and sit pretty on my bookshelf. But any everyday novels or holiday reading material does not require hardback or full price for that matter.

Here’s a peek into what’s in my basket….

The Miniaturist by Jesse Burton – The author let it be known that the story itself was inspired by a doll’s house. This is a historical novel in quite an interesting setting: the merchant class of late 17th century Amsterdam. Not something that I usually gravitate to but the doll house got me, so I shall find out what it’s all about.

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory – I have not read anything of her before but she is kind of on my radar. Historical novels are usually not the genre I would choose but I definitely want to give it a go and see if I like them. This author is known to have done her proper research (for all her many books) and her writing is to be excellent. I’m sure Philippa won’t disappoint.

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters– Again, I have heard of Sarah Waters on many occassions but as of yet I have not read a single book of hers. The reason why I choose this one is because I like old mansions and this book seems to center about a family, their doctor and the house. I find it intriguing that the house itself seems to be of focus or is definitely a part of the novel.

I must admit that “The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair” might not make it all the way to a purchase. It’s a whopper of a book to say the least and since I don’t have much time to read these days I need a novel that keeps me going without being overwhelmed by the total page count… what shall I say, I get discouraged easily.

Please leave me a comment if you have any book recommendations that shouldn’t be missed. Thank you



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