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Children’s book recommendations

Since I am a mum, who loves to read bedtime stories to my daughter, I thought I share some of the books which are a definite hit in our house. This post is greatly inspired due to my struggle to find the right kind of children’s books which are entertaining and a joy to read and because I grew fed up with getting it wrong yet again on Amazon. I love ordering books online but of course you don’t quite know what you’ll get as most of the books are not showing much of the story. I also love other mum’s real life take on what they read their children, so I thought that this blog is hopefully of some help to others.

Whilst I oftentimes got it wrong when ordering a book online, sometimes you can of course stumble across a gem of a book like

The Tangle Fairy

front cover tfWe have read this book every single day since we got it and oftentimes more than once a day. So rest assured that this is a really cute story. When it comes to children’s books I do like it when they rhyme, I don’t know, but it seems it’s easier for children to grasp the words and actually remember them. That’s not to say that I don’t have non-rhyme books.

So the Tangle Fairy is my daughter’s firm favorite for some time now but I also have other recommendations which are definitely classed as best-book-buy.


Guess How Much I Love You

ObvioGuess_How_Much_I_Love_You_Cover_Artusly, this book doesn’t need any introduction as it’s a firm bestseller when it comes to children’s books. The story of little nutbrown hare’s and big nutbrown hare’s competition who loves the other more is truly delightful. It does put the child in a very soothing atmosphere and I am always rewarded with a big hug and kiss when we get to the end of it.


Five Minutes Peace

fminutes peace coverBelieve me when I say that during the first time of reading this book I cried so much with laughter that I couldn’t even finish it. It’s hilarious. I must admit, I’m sure a 3 year old might not get the true meaning behind the book but it is nevertheless one of the best books I ever bought. My daughter even knows that I will laugh when reading it, so it’s an added bonus.

The book is about a mother’s struggle to find some alone time and how her children disturb her at every single attempt of getting 5 minutes peace.


Little Bunny’s Bedtime

litlle b bedtimeThis actually came in a book collection which contained 3 books, but this one is our favorite. For a time we read it every single night before bedtime and although we read it a bit less now, it’s still a proper go to book which is enjoyed by not only my daughter but also by me. The story is lovely and tells of a little bunny who can’t sleep and all his loving mother’s tries to get him sleepy. The illustrations in the book are super sweet and the length of the book is just right.


I hope some of you out there enjoyed these reviews, there are definitely many more books that I can recommend and I shall do some similar posts in future.

Since this is all about recommendations I would love to hear your opinion and would be very pleased if you leave me a comment of any titles you would recommend (adult or children books).


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