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Balcony Space – a little bit of Zen

I love creating a space which is ticking all my comfort boxes and therefore totally to my liking. I had this dreary balcony which was quite an balunloved part of my apartment. I moved into the flat in winter time so there wasn’t much thought going into of how to use the space but once the temperatures were starting to get warmer I longed for a peaceful outdoor sanctuary. So when spring made an appearance I started to be on the lookout for gardening shelves, garden furniture and the like. Albeit small stuff….it’s still just a balcony and not very big in size. But I have found that even a small space can make you quite happy. I found a rather cheap cast iron gardening shelve which I knew I had to have. In hindsight I do curse myself for not getting the matching corner shelf unit but hey. My sister has kindly given me her garden furniture set as she has upgraded to something on a much larger scale…lucky her. But lucky me too, because I got a perfectly fine set for free and mind you, I go all out with cushions and throws, so you barely see the actual furniture in any case.

Bonnie enjoying the morning sun
Now flowers are probably the biggest part which make or break the area. In my case I started small. I bought 6 plants and quickly saw that those are not enough. So I bought another 6 which made it look better but I still missed greenery which I quickly found at a local garden centre. My most recent additions are herbs which unfortunately, not to my doing whatsoever, seemingly don’t make a recovery from their being drowned at the supermarket where I bought them. It’s a real shame. I am still holding on to them, just in case. But I know that at some stage I will have to admit defeat and let them go.

Now decorations are what I love to play around with. At the moment I haven’t accessorised the balcony as much as I would like to but it’s a start. My mum was even so thoughtful and gave me 2 garden ornaments which cheekily make an appearance on the shelve unit. I don’t know why she gave me frog ornaments though as I am terrified, yes terrified, of frogs and toads. I do however like the fat one with the crown on it, he is a fairy tale character, so I don’t mind him as much. The other one I don’t like and maybe, just maybe he will fall off the shelve. Bonnie will take the blame for it I’m sure, we are nonetheless as thick as thieves.

So away from creepy frogs and back to my almost toad free sanctuary. What I find gives the most comfort are the chair covers, lime green throws and the colourful rug. All of the fabrics, by the way, are from Ikea, so it’s not only cheerful but cheapful….I know that’s not a word.20160618_132514[1]

I love sitting out on the balcony having a nice cup of coffee or enjoying a glass of wine in the evenings when all the good children are fast asleep (at a most reasonable hour) ….which never happens hence why it remains a weekly item on my agenda.

But hey the perfect setting is ready….so for now that has to be enough.




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