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Summer favorite – Birkenstocks

This is a super random post but something I really just had to mention as it’s a summer favorite item of mine.

Birkenstocks are truly a purchase that I will never regret. I did grow up wearing them as a child so their fit is familiar and comfortable to me. I let go of the style for a while in my 20’s as I guess I didn’t deem them stylish enough but I’m in my 30’s now and I don’t mind to rock them…. Yeez I’m going to say trendy next….

20160622_111812[1]I have a pair of Papillon Birkenstocks in dark green/pink. I fruitlessly tried to find a picture of them on the internet but since I got them years and years ago I guess they are not current. So you will have to do with pictures I took of my own pair and my own feet. Sorry to those who are grossed out by toes, I do wear nail polish …if that’s any consolation. Anyway, although I had them for years I never wore them. The other day I went through my summer shoe collection and there they were again. They really look brand new and finally fit into most of my style. I wear them almost daily to work as sitting in the office doesn’t require high heeled footwork and I found I needed shoes which give my feet the freedom to breathe. Ballerinas are my usual daily go to but I don’t want to end up with sweaty feet during summer.

The fact that the Birkenstocks are quite colourful is a plus for me as it means they go with 20160622_111834[1]most of my clothes. Even today where I wear khaki leggings I find the shoes accommodate the colours nicely.  Contrary to the usual style my Birkenstocks have 3 clasps not two. This isn’t a must but feels and looks better on me as my feet are quite narrow. So I’ve basically opted for the slim fit version of Birkenstocks, not that they advertise them this way but just my take on it.

Finally all my shoe hoarding comes in handy. It really does show that holding on to items for years and years can actually pay off. Now if I only find the mindset to “rock” my 10-year-old-only-worn-once pair of strappy high heeled sandals.…then I’m truly a lucky girl.


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