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My dorkie Yorkie – pet post

I wanted to do a post about a beauty product today… but I had to come to the realisation that the product I use isn’t available in this particular form anymore. Oh no. I wish companies would stick to their original plan and not just change it up all the time. When it comes to lip make up they always switch setups or change colours and something you loved and trusted is wiped from the shelves leaving you feeling stupid for not stocking up in the first place. But hey. Nevermind…..the product review will still go ahead but just at a different time….after I have properly researched the successor or my beloved lip balm…..

But then I thought why not make it a pet day instead? I’m in my thirties now but I think when you grow up with a dog, like I did, or pets in general, you are almost doomed to continue on to having animals share your life. When I had my daughter and when she was out of the newborn stage I knew it is time to add a dog. I know, that in itself scre

Bonnie as a baby
ams lunatic!!!!! from miles away but I was still at home looking after the baby and when I would return to work it would only be part time….so I had lots of reassurance that the dog would fit into our life quite nicely. So in came Bonnie….a Yorkshire Terrier….and a whirlwind of naughtiness but cuteness.

I did forget about the puppy stage though…..They are incredibly needy little buggers when you first get them and obviously you need a lot of

If no lap can be found to have a snooze in then Bonnie will opt for my favorite (fake) fur throw…the cheek of her
patience with house training. But having them destroy furniture, toys …..the garden bushes…..that’s really where it gets hard. And annoying, oh it can be so annoying for them to learn. I read that Yorkshire Terriers are quite hard to train, I think that’s a nice way of putting that they are a bit stupid and that they need not just several repeats to learn but lots and lots more….but I love my Bonnie.

The reason why I had to get a puppy and couldn’t go with a rescue dog is the fact that I have a toddler. I would find it too risky to bring in an animal where I don’t know its full history and unfortunately dogs from rescue homes have a sad and hard past. I will however, later in my life, when looking after a toddler is not my main priority, definitely get a rescue dog.

Bonnie has surpassed her baby stage and is 1 year and a half. I openly admit that I have failed her slightly in the training stages so that she still begs for food and barks when she shouldn’t. But she is a dog and not a human….so there you go.20151103_153305[1].jpg

She accepts that she plays second fiddle to my daughter and is very gentle with her. Once my little one, I mean my daughter, is asleep or napping, Bonnie will immediately jump on my lap to get her mommy-me time. Which is cute but leaves me with ZERO time for myself. Just kidding….At night, when I watch TV or read in bed, Bonnie is always right there….which is very comforting….and creates an “Ahhh” moment.

I don’t mean to ramble on too much, so I’m leaving you with a promise to tell you more about Bonnie. Her routine, her craziness and how despite all that she still is part of balancing my life.


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