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Hairy lesson

Somebody…I don’t know who…… but anyway, somebody once told me that your skin complexion works best with your natural hair colour and by that I mean your true fro3m birth given hair colour. “God given” you might allow me to say. I must admit, I was slightly miffed when I first heard that because my natural hair colour is some kind of mousish brown….so what kind of “no exchange” decision was that? Seems like God wasn’t too bothered. It’s not a flattering colour so I used to bleach over it. Blonde always looks better ….or does it? Because after years of being blonde I was soo fed up with it. The constant upkeep of maintaining my roots got a bit too time consuming and I switched back to a light brown colour which I found soo much easier to deal with. It did however make me look a bit harsh…as my mum told me 2 years after the fact…. Thanks Mum! Anyway, she doesn’t know what she is talking about, so bless her. So the dark colour made me a bit washed out, I agree mum, and I therefore gradually highlighted my hair. I now have brown hair with blonde highlights. It does work a treat if I say so myself. Getting highlights done is probably the most time consuming treatment you can choose when you go to your hairdresser but it’s totally worth it for me and my hairdresser is superquick, so I can’t complain.


Which reminds me about my latest resolution. Next timeand on from there onwards I will not….I repeat, I will not let them blow dry my hair. Some basic info, my hair is long, I think anything that goes past your shoulders is classified “long”. My hair is 3 inches past my shoulders, so I have to pay the highest price when it comes to colouring, blow dry and styling. Now, it obviously depends on where you go to get your hair done but my hairdresser is too quickwhen it comes to blow drying. She’s not even fully drying the hair….I mean?? I obviously did mention that to her and she did a bit more of blow drying but the result is sometimes not even as good as when I do it myself and where’s the point then? In my opinion the hairdresser does the most amazing blow dry which lasts you for days. Sadly, not mine but anyway, when thinking about it, they have a few obstacles to work with. First they use a treatment when washing my hair. That’s fine by me but it does make my hair rather lank. They then use mousse or some styling agent to really set the blow dry which would make perfect sense if your goal is to make a perfect blow dry but…..yes. I don’t want to fault them too much, I admit that I look rather nice when I get out of the salon but from there on it’s bad. So bad that the next morning I wake up looking like I haven’t bothered washing my hair in 5 days. So on I go and wash it and blow dry it myself although I just paid good money not even 24 hours before to get it done professionally. ERGO … no more blow dry at the salon. Complete waste of time and money.


For those of you who think why I won’t just go to another salon? duhu… I still have some good reasons to stick with this one. Firstly, they do an amazing job with the colouring. Fast and efficient. Appointments are always on time and even if my usual hairdresser is 23not available I can trust that another of her colleagues is equally as efficient. Service and politeness are top and they don’t bother you with chit chat if you don’t feel like it. I hate it, actually, I loathe it when hairdressers go on and on and tell me all kinds of anecdotes and snippets from daily life. If I would know them personally, then that’s nice but I don’t know them, so they feel obliged to talk to me to come off as friendly and make me feel at ease when, quite frankly, it does the opposite to me. I don’t have time for that. I am a mother of a 3 year old. When I go to the hairdresser it’s like an alcoholic going to a bar. Well not quite but I do enjoy getting a couple of hours away and not having to be responsible. All I’m saying.

The other main fact is that I have tried out quite a few different hairdressers in my days and I’m totally over the search for a new one. I had hairdressers who did a rubbish job cutting, or colouring or being to chatty, one even was rude, another couldn’t even be trusted to just brush my hair. He used such force that I wanted to run for the hills right there and then. So I’m not looking for another salon just because they don’t do a proper blow dry.

Next time, no blow dry, and no blow dry charge. Done.

When you get older you get wiser and by that I mean you find the quickest solution with the least effort on your part.

There, done. 





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