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calm and collected

I’m calm and collected. The greatest realisation in life is that the person who is the one making all the decisions is not your partner, teacher or parent…it’s in fact you. I struggled greatly to come to this realisation. I read many books on how my subconscious mind is creating my life and yet I always totally failed in keeping a positive attitude. Now, when I reflect back I see how I only ever saw the outside world and used my thoughts to fight against problems instead of keeping calm and having a positive steady outlook….steady is really the key. If you don’t keep on a positive track you will just slide back into your hold habits which mostly cause for the same kind of problems happening over and over again. Trust me, I went through it. The fact why you run in a circle is that life wants you to figure it out and you can’t figure it out by doing the same thing over and over… you have to change, you have to try a different approach.

I always felt like a victim. If your boss is not happy with your work or your husband is asking you for a divorce it is soo loud in your mind that you can’t focus. It’s hard to say…oh well I just need to relax and wish for the best. I chose to see only the problems and give it my all to fight against them. Yet, I failed miserably as will anybody else who is not having a positive outlook. If you are faced with problems you have to step back and focus on yourself. You need to regroup your thoughts and through out anything that is making you feel unworthy, unhealthy or just plain simple like a failure. Instead you have to take some time to yourself and take all the power which you attribute to your boss, husband, parent, or wherever else the problem is coming from, and direct it back to you. YOUR thoughts which you choose on a daily basis are of course impacted by your circumstances but this is the problem as well as the resolution. YOUR thoughts can only be choosen/thought/changed by you, yes, they can be influenced by other people but only YOU can choose them, only YOU in fact THINK them. I know this sounds a bit confusing. Lets take an example, if your boss shouts at you, of course you feel like he has the power…he could fire you, he could make you do overtime and all that. This is the time when you have to take a step back. Right then, when you feel overwhelmed and when you feel like you have no other choice than being the victim, take a break. You need to step out of the feeling of unworthiness, of having no control. Right then you have to take the power away from that outside person and put it back to where it belongs, to your subconscious which creates your life and your subconscious in turn only hears what YOU have to say. It doesn’t know your boss or your husband, it only listens to you. So don’t tell it that you are doing an awful job, don’t tell it that you are unworthy or not good enough to be loved and supported. Tell it what you want to happen because the subconscious works for you alone. For the subconscious only you count, and whatever you tell it (via your thoughts) that is what it gives you. If you keep on shouting unworthiness it will deliver but it will also deliver happiness, success and love. You only have to choose by the thoughts you are thinking.

Whenever I need a reminder of my own power through my thoughts I go back to my beloved book by Dr. Joseph Murphy – the power of your subconscious mind

Life saver book

This book is a total life saver and I hope that you find as much inspiration from it as I have.

If you would like to read more blog posts of this kind let me know in the comments….I’ve made so many mistakes and finally found my way out of the vicious cycle of problems which we involuntarily cause ourselves when instead there is a much easier way of achieving true happiness.


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