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The “real” mom

Whenever I want to sit down to write a new blog I always seem to have one topic in mind, namely overly happy, look-at-my-perfect-life, mommy blogs that do rub me the wrong way. I’m a mother of an adorable toddler myself and to be honest, when I look for mom blogs I kind of expect real life mom struggles, creative ideas,tantrum pic tips for daily routines or outings and such. But most mom blogs are just about displaying this fabulous life where you are supported by everyone around you, where you buy fancy clothes that your kids don’t smear their food all over, where you get time every day to do exactly what you love to do and quite honestly I find all that very hard to believe. I never encounter any struggles or worries, no marriage issues or feelings of incompetence, it’s all hunky dory, day after day. Sometimes I feel a bit sad that I don’t have that, then I feel they must be lying, nobody’s got it perfect. Whichever way, I want to say I am not a hater, I do not misgive those ladies their lovely family and life. I am happy for them, I’m just a bit lost again in not finding a true mommy blog that I consider involves everything from a hellish plane ride to tantrums at the supermarket. Maybe I should google “mommy struggle blog” instead. So until there is no such blog I decided to write my own. My life is not perfect and my toddler is not always the sunshine I know she can be. I’m a first time mom and maybe overthink and worry about things a little bit instead of just going with the flow. I’m not reading book after book on childcare, I leave that to my sister in law, who’s got it all in hand perfectly and will tell you each and every opportunity she gets. She could actually be one of those people with the “perfect life”, never revealing that next to this outward picture that they portray there is actually a human person behind it. But anyway…
I was on a flight with my 21 months old toddler yesterday and every time I am on a flight with her by myself I feel as though I’m paying for all my sins conducted in this lifetime. She is at a stage where she has her own opinion but too young to reason with so the best I can do is keep her entertained and try to read her mind. Easier said than done. At least she hasn’t had a tantrum except running through the aisles making me chase after her like a lunatic who, in the eyes of all other passengers, surely must look like I don’t even have my own child under control. And admittedly, sometimes I don’t have everything under control. Does that make me a bad mother? I think it’s only right to lift the veil sometimes and say how it “really” is. Sometimes being a mother can be though, sometimes you worry (needlessly) and sometimes your toddler doesn’t behave like those kids on the perfect mommy blogs. I’m okay with this. I still enjoy my life and every day spent in it. I’m grateful, even for the hard times as they do make me stronger and where I learn from.
I hope this honest peek into my life does give some women out there confidence that you are not alone if you don’t have this perfect life that too many people keep portraying instead of sharing “real” life.
If you liked this blog please leave me a comment. Let me know that I’m not alone.… 


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