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BPA free water bottle

I didn’t really ever think too much about plastic bottles but the sheer amount which you can accumulate over just a week is a bit annoying. It’s like plastic bags that just seem to mount up after each and every trip to the supermarket. I really must be more thoughtful and always shop with my reusable straw bags. Anyway, this isn’t about this as it is about the bottles. I do like a handy small 0.5 l bottle to carry in my bag filled with still water. I don’t mind if it’s fancy spring water or just coming from the tab. I do have a Brita filter at home since we have a little daughter and the area where I live in has really hard water. You can actually kind of taste it. Anyway, coming back to the bottle. As you all know plastic bottles do disintegrate and you shouldn’t be using them for more than, I believe 2 weeks – but don’t hold me to it, after opening them. When the bottle does go off, it actually affects the taste of your water and you will gladly throw it out but unfortunately since now I only moved on to the next and the next and so on.
Now, I sometimes see movies or adverts where people have actual water bottles that look a bit, well fancier than others. It’s not your standard type bottle that you buy at the supermarket. I first thought this is only for sporty people or what you’d find at a table at the restaurant but I was so glad when I found some really chic options of this kind of bottle on Amazon. I’m sure you can get them from lots of different places but Amazon is a favourite place of mine to conduct my online shopping. So off I went and typed in water bottle. The right kind of results came up straight away. I opted for a 0.6 l water bottle since I find this is a good measure on keeping track of how much I drink during the day.
I have been using it for a few weeks now and I must say that I find it easier to make myself drink because I really like the bottle and I always take it with me so there is no more excuse why not to watch your water intake. I’m not a freak when it comes to drinking, I try hard to just get 1.5 l into my body during a day and would love to up it to 2 l. My reason for doing this is super vain, I do find that the more I drink the better my skin copes. If I drink too much coffee, tea or coke then break outs are a given, so I do relay on plain water to keep my body somewhat afloat of that.
So this kind of bottle is super stylish, does what I expect and on top of that it is much better for the environment to use just one bottle instead of, let’s face it, far too many. If you do not like tab water then I would recommend you get a Brita filter jug which purifies your tab water and takes out all the hardness and nastiness. Very small thing to consider is that you need cartridges as you have to change out the filter every now and then but I find this is really less expensive than buying bottled water and again much better for the environment as a whole.

So keep your body hydrated in style and with love to our environment. xx


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