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Cosy bath robe


It’s been a while since I treated myself to a new bath robe, years actually. I find the long wait is basically down to the pretty much indestructible fabric of which those super soft dressing gowns are made of. I am talking about those ones that feel like the fabric is made out of a soft toy. So anyway, it has been a super long time since I had a new bath robe and when I went to Next this past weekend and saw this amazing floor length black-white floral patterned robe I was immediately drawn to it. I was totally sold on it the minute I touched it. Now, this robe is a definite superior to what is already in my wardrobe. It feels even softer and more luxurious than any bath robe I owned before. So it was a no brainer really to buy it on the spot. I was toying with the idea to ask for it as a Christmas present but I’m a Gemini and WAIT is not a term that my brain can process into a meaningful word. So I grabbed my size and headed to the til. It’s a lovely treat and will keep me warm and luxuriously pampered in those coming cold months.
Another plus of the soft robe is that my little daughter seems to love it as much as mommy does as she snuggles up into it and what better time is spent than with your child?
If you are like me and it has been ages since your nightwear has had a cosy addition then head out now and get yourself a lovely soft robe. Honey, you deserve it.


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