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Daily closet struggle

My closet might as well has a big fat sign on it saying “What Are YOU Waiting for??

Why am I always wearing the same clothes? What occasion am I exactly waiting for to bring out that shiny top or new dress? Do these questions sound a bit familiar to you? Maybe we are not all that different after all. Personally I think it’s self sabotage, of course on a subconscious level but nevertheless. We are basically not finding ourselves worthy of having the freedom to actually wearing that ‘special occasion’ outfit. If I’d be honest, I’d admit to you that half my closet is reserved for that special occasion which … news for you…. that ‘special occasion’ doesn’t really ever come. I am just making an unnecessary excuse which prevents me from wearing that particular outfit. Sometimes I don’t even ‘save’ special clothes, I might just don’t pick an outfit because I am thinking I will wear it the next day to work because of an important meeting which I want to look good for or whatever other appointment I’ve got going on. That again is total rubbish, because the next day my mood is totally different and the outfit doesn’t apply anymore, so I’m back to square one with the exception that I have cheated myself out the previous day from wearing what I actually wanted and ended up with another second choice that never feels quite right.


I do believe that the reason why I am so reluctant in choosing clothes freely from my overflowing wardrobe is plain and yet complex. Deep down there must be the feeling of ‘unworthiness’. Sorry, that’s a big word and I don’t mean it in a too pessimistic way. Let me explain, if you label some clothes ‘special’ it means they have a higher ranking over your other clothes and you would only put them on when you rate yourself ‘special’. It is important to realise and accept that we are special, no matter what day it is and no matter how mundane the occasion. I am still getting to grasp with this but nowadays when I stand in front of my wardrobe I make an effort to choose a ‘better’ outfit before grabbing my same old basics. I have found that when I treat myself to that nicer looking outfit I feel much more confident and happy throughout the day. I hope you take some inspiration from this little tale taken from my life and next time you pick something to wear make it special, because you are worth it!




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